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Private Internet Access (PIA) Free Trial

gotomeeting free trialPrivate Internet Access (a.k.a PIA) is a prominent VPN service that offers a 7-day risk free trial. Note that this is not a traditional free trial in the sense that you will be charged immediately for your subscription. That said, should you decide that you do not want to continue using the service, you are covered by a money back guarantee which allows you to cancel your subscription and get your money back within 7 days of signing up.

In terms of pricing, Private Internet Access offers compeitive rates, especially when you purchase 1 or 2-year plans. If this seems like too much of a commitment to you, a monthly plan is also available.

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More About PIA

Private Internet Access is a U.S.-based company that offers a comprehensive VPN service that allows you to connect to numerous servers in the US, UK, NL, CA, Romania, Germany, France, Sweden and Switzerland. Among the VPNs we have tested, Private Internet Access was one of the companies that offered the greatest number of server connections, with over a dozen locations to choose from just in the U.S. and Canada. We also found that the frequency of drops was very low compared to most competitors. A vast majority of the time, the PIA software works seamlessly in the background.

The one thing that may give people pause is that PIA is based in the U.S., which does not have the most favorable track record for respecting Internet privacy. For this reason, we generally prefer VPNs based offshore, located in a country or region that is outside of U.S. jurisdiction. That said, PIA does not log traffic or IP addresses, so your browsing activity should remain secret even if someone were to get a hold of Private Internet Access's servers.

Because of its good software, multiple servers, smooth connections and policy not to log traffic, Private Internet Access is among our favorite VPNs available today. While it's not 100% fool-proof (and no VPN is), PIA still offers just about the best privacy protection you can ask for in this day and age. Given its modest price, it is virtually a no-brainer to sign up for Private Internet Access using the free trial if you want to protect your privacy in a cost effective way.

If you are not familiar with VPNs, we recommend watching the video below:

More About the Risk-Free Trial

As mentioned above, you will be required to make a payment upfront in order to try the service. A number of payment options are available, including credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. We recommend Bitcoin for people who are particularly concerned about privacy, as this will allow you to sign up with an added layer of anonymity (assuming you take certain precautions such as mixing your coins or buying them locally).

The risk-free trial is 7 days long, and during that time you can cancel your subscription and receive your money back. While we'd prefer a longer term for the money back guarantee, 7 days is still plenty of time to get a feel for how the service works, and how reliable it is. If you like the service and decide you want to keep it, you can simply keep your monthly subscription or upgrade to a one year or two-year plan to save some extra money.

Payment options available at PIA include:

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