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30-Day Norton 360 Free Trial

norton 360 free trialEvery computer user needs to have a good anti-virus and anti-spyware program running at all times to be adequately protected from the constant threats that proliferate the Internet. Today, consumers have dozens of security software to choose from, and the vast number of choices can often seem overwhelming. The key to a good security program is its ability to block threats from your computer and remove them swiftly as soon as they are detected. Norton 360 excels in this regard, and is routinely ranked by reviewers as one of the top online security programs available.

You can obtain a 30-day Norton 360 free trial using the link below.

The Norton 360 free trial requires you to enter credit card information prior to download. After the 30-day trial period is over, you will be billed for the standard 12-month price of $89.99. If you do not want this to happen, you must cancel your trial before the 30 days are up.

If your primary motive is to save money, you might want to forgo the free trial and instead use the coupon below, since it will give you a discount on your purchase and save you more money in the long run (see the table below for more details).

$40 Off Norton 360
Just $49.99 (Regular Price: $89.99)

Free Trial or Coupon?

To give you a better idea of what will save you the most money, we prepared the following table to illustrate the value you will gain by obtaining either the Norton free trial or the $40 off coupon:

  Norton Free Trial Norton $40 Off Coupon
Price $89.99 $49.99
Length 13 months (free trial+ 12 months)
12 months
Price per Month $7.50 $4.17
Offer Link get free trial get coupon

Given these findings, the best deal is to go for the $40 off coupon if you already know that you want to get Norton 360. On the other hand, those who are unsure and want to try the product first can download the free trial. Of course, if you are really dedicated to getting the best deal possible (and don't mind the extra hassle), you can get the free trial first, cancel it before the 30 days are up, then return to this page and use the coupon to purchase Norton 360 at the discounted price.

Norton 360 Version 6

Below is a great video from Symantec about the features of Norton 360 v6 (the latest version of the software).


Our Evaluation of Norton 360

Just how good is Norton 360? To help answer this question, we downloaded a Norton 360 free trial on a Dell Inspiron Laptop running Windows 7 and tested some of its features. Here were our findings:

Anti-Virus: Norton 360 does an excellent job blocking all the most common viruses. We consider Norton's anti-virus capabilities to be its strongest suit, and unless you make a habit of hanging out in the worst Internet neighborhoods, you should be able to easily avoid almost all viral threats by using Norton 360.

Phishing: Norton 360 is designed to block access to known phishing sites. Unfortunately, when we went to a few recently posted phishing sites, Norton 360 did not block them. While Norton 360 does a better job at blocking phishing attempts compared to its competitors, it was very far from perfect. Phishing is one online fraud where the best protection is consumer awareness. To read more about how phishing works, visit the information page about phishing.

Backup and Restore: While Norton 360's backup solution is not as sophisticated as the ones offered by Carbonite, it nevertheless delivers all the basic features you would want from a reliable backup service. It allows you to back up things such as email, pictures, music, documents and videos. You can then select where you want the backup to be stored, and how often the backup should be performed. You can store the backup files locally on a hard drive or alternatively, you can store files at a secure online location.


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