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Nord VPN Risk-Free Trial

nord vpn free trialNord VPN is one of the better known VPN services available today, and in terms of security features, we rank it among the best. Currently, Nord VPN offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Although you do need to pay in order to initiate the trial period, you can request a refund during this period if you are unhappy about the service in any way. In a nutshell, you can use the service risk free for 30 days.

Should you decide to keep the service, you will automatically be recharged every month or year, depending ont he plan you select. If you cancel, you'll get your money back and not be billed any further.

A Note About Pricing

While Nord VPN is one of the best VPN services you can buy, they are not the cheapest. A monthly subscription will cost $11.95. Note, however, that you can drastically reduce the monthly rate by choosing and annual or 2-year membership. By doing so, your monthly cost can be as little as $3.29, saving you over 70% of the regular monthly rate. Because you are protected by the 30-day money-back guarantee, we encourage you to select the yearly or 2-year plan when you sign up. There is no Nord VPN free trial available at this time, but we will update this page as soon as that changes.

Using the Nord VPN Service With Your Risk-Free Trial

The Nord VPN software is very easy to use. Upon launch, it will display a global map, which you can click on to select a location. In some cases, you will want to log onto a certain country's server, such as when you want to view a television program that is only available to people in certain geographic locations. In other instances, you may simply want to log onto a nearby server to ensure your privacy while surfing. Whatever the case, you need only click on the map to make a selection.

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Advanced settings include the all-important VPN kill switch, which cuts off Internet access entirely should the VPN stop working. Using this feature, you can be assured that you will only have Internet access when the VPN is activated. This makes it impossible for you to surf without an active VPN, thus preventing any situations where you may compromise your security and privacy unwittingly.

What We Like About Nord VPN

In our opinion, Nord VPN is one of the best VPNs you can sign up with, and here are the reasons why.

  1. They do not keep logs.
    Most VPNs will advertise the fact that they don't keep traffic logs. However, they often keep other logs that make it easy to identify you if anyone ever gets hold of their records. Nord VPN, however, does not keep any type of log that may compromise your privacy. This includes not keeping any records of traffic logs, IP addresses, time stamps, or bandwidth. You don't need to understand what each of these things are. Just know that they keep minimal to no logs, thus enhancing the level of privacy offered to customers.

  2. They are located offshore.
    Nord VPN is located in Panama, outside of U.S. jurisdiction. Being offshore may have bad connotations for other businesses, but not for VPNs. By not being subject to other jurisdictions, Nord VPN's data is that much harder for people to get a hold of.

  3. They have excellent software.
    Nord VPN's software is intuitive and easy to use. Once it's turned on, you can close the window and have it run in the background. It works seamlessly and chances are good that you won't even be aware of it running.

  4. They offer a 30-day Money-back Guarantee.
    As mentioned earlier you can get the equivalent of a Nord VPN free trial through their moneyback guarantee. Other companies typically offer 3 or 7-day trials, but Nord allows you to request your money back for a full 30 days. This translates into you being able to use their service risk-free.

New to VPNs? Check Out These Videos

If you are not familiar with VPNs, it may be a bit difficult at first to wrap your head around the concept. We recommend that you view the videos below to get to speed.

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