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Audible 30-Day Free Trial

audible free trialThe great thing about audio books is that you can listen to them virtually anywhere. They are ideal for when you are driving, working out, surfing online, or relaxing at night. With today's technology, you can now store a great number of audio books on your computer, phone, iPod, Kindle or MP3 device. Given its portability and compatibility with multiple devices, audio books have become more convenient than ever before.

The number one seller of audio books online is Audible. Currently, the company offers over 100,000 titles that you can download instantly and begin listening to right away. By becoming a member, you will receive one free book every month, and be able to purchase additional books at a discounted rate. An Audible free trial will allow you to enjoy all the membership benefits at no cost for 30 days.

Audible is owned by, which acquired Audible in 2008. If you have an account, you can use it to log into Audible instead of having to create a separate account.

Audible Membership Benefits


How Exactly Does the Free Trial and Membership Work?

You can purchase audio books at Audible even if you are not a member, however, this is usually not a good idea because you will end up paying substantially more. For example, you may pay $27.95 or more for a bestseller, whereas if you are a member, you could get the same book for as little as $7.49.

Here are the benefits of an Audible Gold Membership:

You have two options when signing up for Audible:

  1. Get a 30-Day Audible free trial - The benefit of doing this is that you instantly get a free audio book upon signing up and can use the service for one month free. After the trial period, you will pay the regular price of $14.95 a month for continued membership. Unlike other services like Carbonite, the trial will require credit card information.

  2. Get 3 months for $7.49 a month (50% off) - If you already know you want to be a member, this may end up being the more economical option, as you will pay 50% less for the first 3 months. After that, membership will continue at the regular rate of $14.95 a month.

How Good is the Selection at Audible?

Not long ago, we used an Audible free trial to join the site, and kept our membership afterwards. Since then, we've bought a good number of audio books, and here is our assessment of the selection available at Audible:

free trials

free trials


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