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Using Free Trials for Online Products and Services

free trials onlineMany times, we purchase a product or service only to find out later that it does not live up to our expectations. Unfortunately, we then have to go through the long and often tedious process of returning the item for a refund or exchange. By using free trials, we can often avoid such hassles altogether. This article will review some of the most common things you can try online for free.

1. Online dating
Pretty much every dating site offers some kind of free trial. Although some free trials are quite short, by using them, you will still be able to get some kind of idea of how the site works before paying the monthly membership fee. Not all sites advertise a free trial on their home page, so to find one, your best bet is to use Google. If you type in something like “ free trial” in the search field, you will usually find dozens of sites offering free trials.

2. Software
Whether it’s Photoshop, business software, anti-virus programs or even online games, there is a high likelihood that you will be able to get some sort of free trial. Usually, software trials last for about one month. Be aware, however, that some free trials will limit the number of features you can use. Some of our favorite software free trials include the GoToMeeting free trial and the Kaspersky free trial.

3. Web services
A good number of web services also offer free trials of varying lengths. Some examples of web services with free trials include Netflix, Gamefly, Hulu Plus and Audible.

Some free trials require credit card information when you sign up. You need to be aware that when the trial period expires, your free trial may convert into a regular membership, and you may be charged as a result. While this may come off as a sneaky tactic, it’s all spelled out in the terms and conditions. Bottom line — If you are asked for credit card information, you should quickly scan the terms and conditions to make sure there will be no unexpected charges to your card later on.

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