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A Guide to Playing Free Games Online

One of the most engaging ways to entertain yourself on the Internet is by playing online games. While many of the more popular games online such as "World of Warcraft" require a monthly subscription, there are also plenty of sites where you can enjoy a multitude of games for free. Here are some of the top online destinations that you should visit if you are interested in playing games for free:

This clean, attractive site is a great place to start because it features a lot of games you may already be familiar with. You'll find old favorites like "Monopoly" and "Scrabble," as well as classic card games like hearts and solitaire. Many of the games are multiplayer, allowing you to play against others and possibly even make some new friends.
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If you like going on adventures and role-playing, there are tons of MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) that are available for free. But how do you find the best ones? The answer is, which has a huge list of games that you can sort by genre and payment structure. Be aware, however, that MMORPGs are highly addicting, and some studies have shown that the average RPG gamer spends over 20 hours a week playing these kinds of games.

Some great, free-to-play games to consider are "Fallen Earth," "Ryzom," and "Star Wars: The Old Republic." screenshot
Addicting Games
This is another huge gaming site that features lots of original, even bizarre games that you can play for free. There are many different types of games, and categories include shooting, strategy, funny, car and puzzles, among many others. If you are bored of playing more traditional games and want to try something different, Addicting Games is a great site to visit.
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Free Online Games (FOG)
Free Online Games may be your best one-stop shop for games, given the sheer number of choices that they offer. There are thousands of games in hundreds of categories, with just about every type of game imaginable. This site can be a bit overwhelming at first, and we recommend using the Most Played and Top Rated buttons at the top so you don't have to wade through hundreds of lower quality games before finding the ones you like.
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Second Life
Although not technically a game, we would be remiss not to mention Second Life, simply because it offers a very engaging and beautiful virtual world you can take part in. In Second Life, you create an avatar, then visit thousands of sims (simulations) which include replicas of the Titanic, European towns, fantasy settings, and many other exciting worlds. There are also a lot of game sims within Second Life, including many that are based on traditional shooter games.
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