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How to Watch Free TV Online

Many experts believe that TV and the Internet will eventually merge into one. We are already seeing evidence of this happening, and today, you no longer need a TV set in order to watch your favorite shows because there are numerous ways to watch TV online.

There are many advantages to watching TV over the Internet. In most cases, it is free and there tends to be fewer commercials online although this trend is unfortunately changing. In addition, online viewing gives you more flexibility in terms of when you watch a particular program and how often.

As long as you have a relatively fast Internet connection, you should have no problem watching TV programs online. Here are some of the top ways you can watch TV for free on the Internet:

hulu1. Hulu

The number of shows you can watch on Hulu has steadily grown over the years. While there are plenty of shows that are available for free, the selection of shows you can watch will increase dramatically if you sign up for the monthly subscription service, called Hulu Plus. Unlike Netflix, Hulu Plus subscribers will be presented with a limited number of ads.

nbc2. TV Station Websites

Just about every TV station offers episodes you can watch online by going to their website. This includes prominent stations such as FOX, NBC, Syfy Channel, ABC, CBS, History Channel, and plenty of others. In most cases, only recent episodes will be viewable, so you if you are following a current show, you will need to be somewhat diligent about checking the site regularly and watching newly added episodes in a timely manner.

If you want to watch older episodes of a TV series, in most cases you will need to purchase them. The best places to purchase shows are iTunes and Amazon, where you can buy most TV episodes for $1.99 in standard definition. One thing we currently do not like about buying TV shows online is that neither iTunes nor Amazon seems to make any distinction between a half hour sitcom and an hour-long drama, and charge the same price for both.

Despite recent crackdowns, there are still plenty of places were you can watch pirated TV shows online. We strongly encourage you not to visit such sites, for three reasons. First, many such websites will cause problems for your computer through viruses, trojans or other malware. Second, all such sites are illegal, and governments across the world are becoming more aggressive about taking them down. So far, governments have only gone after the website owners, but there is no guarantee that they won't eventually start targeting the visitors of such sites as well. And finally, pirated programs are often poor in video or audio quality, and your viewing experience will therefore be less enjoyable.

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