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How to Get Free Samples Online

start samplingGetting free samples is easier than ever before, thanks to the Internet. In many cases, all you need to do is fill out a quick form and submit your address to get a free sample of a product. Obtaining free samples can be a great way to test out various brands you are interested in trying. In addition, ordering samples can help you save money, since you will often receive coupons with your free samples.

The types of products you can get for free are quite varied. Typically, you will find free samples for food, magazines, health products, common household items, and beauty products. There are even free samples for things like cat food and gourmet coffee.

So how do you go about finding free samples online? You could use a search engine like Google, but this tends to give you mixed results, and some sites you land on could potentially infect your computer with viruses. A better method is to go to established sites that have already done the work for you. Some websites that are worth taking a look at include and

In addition to these sites, you will find that major retailers like Target and Walmart offer free samples to customers as well. There is no need to visit a physical store to obtain samples, since both retailers have a free sample page on their sites. Target's Sample Spot offers all sorts of household items, and all you must do is answer a short questionnaire to request your item. Walmart similarly has a free sample page you can check out.

What to Watch Out For

Getting free stuff is great, but there is one thing you need to be aware of. You are frequently asked to provide personal information, and some unscrupulous companies can take advantage of this by sending you tons of unwanted mail or even getting telemarketers to call you incessantly. To avoid this from happening, we recommend doing the following things:

  1. Get a free email account and use this when you sign up for free samples
    This is a must if you don't want your regular email account to get flooded with spam. You can get a free email account at numerous sites, such as Hotmail and Yahoo.

  2. Don't give out your phone number
    Some forms do not require a phone number, while others do. When you come across a form that requires you to enter a phone number, you have two choices. You can either skip that offer entirely, or enter in a fake phone number (such as 999-999-9999). Unless you don't mind being called, never give out your real phone number.

  3. Scan terms and conditions and privacy policies
    Avoid offers where your information will not be kept private. Although reading through terms and conditions can be a hassle, it's even a bigger hassle to get yourself removed from mailing lists if your information is sold to third parties.

Provided you follow these guidelines, you should be able to enjoy lots of free products and samples without having to deal with the common headaches some people face as a result of requesting freebies.

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