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Even if you do not use the Internet on a regular basis, it is absolutely crucial that you have a good anti-virus program running at all times on your computer. If possible, you should invest in the most comprehensive security application you can afford. Two companies that have consistently been leaders in anti-virus software are Norton and McAfee, and we recommend buying Internet security software from either of these companies.

The problem, however, is that many of the top anti-virus programs can be rather expensive, frequently costing as much as $70 or more for an annual license. Not everyone can afford the best anti-virus programs, and some people choose to hold off on getting an anti-virus program altogether. This can be a catastrophic decision, and even if you cannot buy the best anti-virus program out there, you should still take steps to protect yourself. Fortunately, there are quite a few different ways you can get anti-virus software for free.

1. Get a free trial.
If you do not have enough money at the present time but plan to buy an anti-virus program down the road, then you can just obtain a free trial offer, which typically lasts for 30 days. Free trials are available from AVG, Norton, McAfee and plenty of other major anti-virus software companies. This means that you can cycle through quite a few free trials and easily keep yourself protected for six months or more. Eventually, you will need to purchase a program to stay protected, so this is more of a delaying tactic than a permanent solution. When you do purchase a program, make sure you take advantage of deals like the Norton 360 coupons we offer on this site.

2. Check with your ISP or cable company.
Some cable and DSL companies will offer a free license to an anti-virus program. Cox Communications, for example, gives its subscribers a free license to McAfee, which can be installed on up to five computers. Similarly, CenturyLink offers Norton security products for free to its subscribers. Therefore, make sure you check with your Internet service provider to see if they will give you a free license to an anti-virus program.

3. Download free anti-virus software.
Some anti-virus programs are available entirely free, and although they are not as good as most commercial versions, they do provide a basic level of protection that is still far superior to not having anything at all. Two good programs to consider are AVG's free anti-virus program and Avast. There are at least a half dozen other free anti-virus programs to choose from as well. For a full list of free programs, visit

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