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Your Guide to the Internet's Top Free Trial Offers

Free trials are the ideal way to find out if a certain product or service is right for you before risking any of your hard-earned money. While many websites provide free trials online, it is not always easy to find the most current offer since a lot of promotions only last for a limited time. solves this problem by providing you with an up-to-date list of the best free trial offers available online.

Below are some of the free trials we are currently offering:

Quickbooks Free Trial

quickbooks Although it is best known as a simple-to-use application for non-accounting professionals, we feel Quickbooks is robust enough to handle accounting tasks for just about any type of business. Quickbooks offers both a traditional software package as well as an online, cloud-based service. A 30-day free trial is available for the online version of Quickbooks. Regardless of which version you intend to purchase, by using the free trial, you will get a good idea of just how powerful this popular program is.

Audible Free Trial

audibleDevices like Kindle and Nook are quickly revolutionizing the way many of us read our favorite books. But one time-tested way of enjoying books is by listening to audio recordings. Audio books are great for people who have long commutes or find themselves in environments where reading is not always practical. Audible is the largest digital provider of audio books, and we highly recommend getting a membership if you want to buy discounted books and gain access to a wide selection of titles.

Gamefly Free Trial

gamefly screen shotGamefly is the premier game rental service online, where you can rent games for a variety of platforms and keep them as long as you like. Subscription plans allow you to rent out one or two games at a time for a modest monthly fee.

Last year, Gamefly made a number of enhancements to its online presence. New features include the ability to download games for purchase, and unlimited free downloadable PC games for subscribers. Gamefly's video game selection is always growing, and currently consists of over 8000 console games.

Norton 360 Free Trial

norton 360 boxNorton has long been one of the most respected names in online security, for good reason. The company offers a suite of security software that consistently ranks highly whenever anti-virus software are put to the test by third parties. Norton 360 is a comprehensive program that covers all your security needs and even incorporates a backup system for your files, emails and pictures. Without a doubt, Norton 360 goes above and beyond the capabilities of other anti-virus programs offered by competitors.

Using the links on our site, you can get both a 30-day free trial, as well as coupons for up to $40 off on your purchase of any Norton 360 product.

Tips on Making the Most of Free Trials

Make sure you follow these tips to ensure that you get the most out of any free trial offer you sign up for:

  1. Don't sign up until the moment you are about to start using the trial.
    Many people sign up for a free trial as soon as they find out about it, but don't begin using their trial until days later. Given that some trials only last a week or less, you are losing precious time by doing this. Instead, bookmark the page with the free trial offer, and sign up at the very moment you intend to begin using the trial. This way, you can maximize the time in which you will be able to use the trial.

  2. Don't forget to cancel if you don't want your credit card to be charged.
    Most free trials spell out clearly that your card will be charged at the end of the trial period, thus converting your trial into a regular membership. You need to mark down your calendar and be sure to cancel before this date if you decide you do not want to keep the product or service.

  3. Don't use your main email address to sign up for trials.
    Unless you don't mind getting tons of email, you should set up a separate, free email account with Yahoo or Hotmail and use that address when signing up for free trials. You may think it's not a big deal to use your primary email address for just a handful of free trials, but over the long run, you may regret doing this. Don't be lazy and spend the few extra minutes it takes to set up a free email account.

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